Satin Ribbon Single Face

For gift wrapping, craft products and beautiful wedding accessories, nothing provides more classic elegance than winding ribbons of satin. Our single face satin ribbon is sold by the spool and offers the elegant simplicity of one continuous color. Choose a color that represents the theme of your event, gift, or art project.

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Product InformationLengthRetail Price
1/8 inch 100 Yards $1.02
1/4 inch 100 Yards $2.26
3/8 inch 100 Yards $2.58
5/8 inch 100 Yards $4.37
7/8 inch 100 Yards $5.63
1-1/2 inch 50 Yards $5.57
2 inch 50 Yards $8.48

Ribbon is a very beautiful fabric used primarily for decorative purposes, such as in gift wrapping, but it can also be used for trimmings or for making bows. Brightly colored, single face satin ribbon is used quite regularly on prom dresses.

If you have been to a school function, or seen cute, little girls performing on stage, then you must have already seen the heavy use of single faced satin ribbon. These ribbons are regularly used in the production of these types of dresses, as there is certain sheen and luster in their fabric which makes them very versatile and attractive. Decorating gifts by wrapping the boxes with ribbon fabric has become so common that practically no gifts are seen today without this decorative wrapping. Even though this fabric may be rather inexpensive, it adds to the grace and charm of the gift you have so lovingly purchased for the friend or family member, who is celebrating an important occasion in his or her life. Wrapping a gift with satin ribbon single face adds that personal touch to any gift, which is why the recipient of the gift feels as though the warm wishes and compliments from the giver are truly coming from the bottom of his or her heart. Even an inexpensive gift looks special if it has been wrapped with single faced satin ribbon. Using new and innovative techniques to tie the ribbon on top of the gift makes it look all the more beautiful and impressive. There is no dearth of ideas on how to make stylish use of single face satin ribbon when wrapping your gifts, and you will be pleasantly surprised to see that by just wrapping your gift with this cheap, yet impressive, fabric has the capability to make it look almost royal and so very magical.