Double Face Satin Ribbon

Satin Double faced ribbon goes attractive for the floral hairstyle decorations.With its many different available colors and double sided look you can match up for any kind of your hair style designs. For special occasions wrap gifts by using it and make your accessories to get even more charming look. Welcome your new born baby by decorating with our variety of ribbon colors like pink and blue. Wedding celebrations will be fulfilled with our red, green color ribbons.

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Product InformationLengthRetail Price
3/8 inch 50 Yards $2.15
5/8 inch 25 Yards $1.77
7/8 inch 50 Yards $2.69
1-1/2 inch 25 Yards $3.85

Although you may have a liking for satin ribbon double face, it probably is not something you think about all the time. But when it comes to decorating gift items, double faced satin ribbon becomes the most important thing.

Centuries have passed and man has yet to come up with something more beautiful and elegant than satin, the most versatile, beautiful fabric for decoration, especially gift wrapping. Who would have thought that one day car dealers would present their clients with the car of their choice wrapped in satin, just like little girls are given gifts like Barbie Dolls wrapped with satin. But this is happening and size is not a barrier when it comes to wrapping large items whether they are TVs, computers, beds, motorcycles and even cars. It wouldn’t be surprising if someday in the near future builders will hand over brand-new homes to their owners wrapped with double faced satin ribbon. Even with all the different ways that this ribbon can be used, Valentine’s Day is still the one day of the year when demand for ribbon fabric touches the skies. As the popularity and demand for satin ribbon double face increases, more and more companies are jumping the bandwagon and manufacturing satin fabric. In particular, it is the double faced satin fabric, with interesting combinations like pink and blue, red and green, yellow and green, that gives gifts their irresistible and alluring look. Today, the trend of wrapping gift items, even the large and irregular ones that cannot be contained in gift boxes, is catching on with people and companies, and is the reason why some industries have such a high consumption of this satin fabric. This growing demand necessitates double faced satin ribbon wholesale suppliers in order to make it less inexpensive for the industries that require ribbon fabric in unusually large quantities.