Grosgrain Ribbon Solid Color 25 Yards

A grosgrain ribbon is made out of silk or silk like fabric with crosswise ribs. The solid colored grosgrain ribbons which are available with us are of premium quality and are made entirely out of polyester. The ribbons attain a distinguished appearance due to their luster and shine blending perfectly with the plethora of colors and shades. These exotic colored grosgrain ribbons are available in spools of 25 yards and are sure value for money. Discounts are available for purchases in bulk quantity.

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On Mother’s Day, a handmade gift would be perfect for your mom. After all, she is the only person in your life who would love everything you make for her. With Grosgrain ribbon solid color 25 yards, fabric, strings, cords and some embellishments, you can easily create an ideal gift for your mother. There are so many things that you can make with Grosgrain ribbon by the yard. For instance, flowers, wall hangings, cards, bulletin boards, scrapbooks, pin cushions, and so forth. Here are a few creative ideas to make something special for Mother’s Day.

Half Apron- If your mother loves to spend most of her time in the kitchen, then handmade half apron would be the best gift for her on Mother’s Day. To make the apron, you would need cotton fabric, Grosgrain ribbon solid color 25 yards and threads. About 1/2 yard fabric would be needed for the skirt and 1/4 yard fabric for the pocket. For waistband, you can use 1-1/2 inch Grosgrain ribbon. With ribbon ties, you can enhance the beauty of your half apron without difficulty. • Reversible Table Runner- A table runner will not only perk up your mother’s dining room, but also her spirit. The runner usually sits in the center of the table, without reaching the edges. It hangs equally on both the sides. It is advisable to opt for neutral colors and natural fabrics like linen, cotton or jute. If the fabric bears subtle pattern, then just sew matching 5/8 inch Grosgrain ribbon along the edges of the runner. For solid color fabrics, you can make patterns with the ribbon. • Sleep Mask- To make a sleep-time eye mask, you would need fabric, elastic, threads and Grosgrain ribbon by the yard. For the front side of the eye mask, you can choose a colorful fabric. However, for the side that touches your face, opt for soft flannel. Do remember to fill in the darkening stuff between the two layers of fabric. Corduroy is a good choice. Before sewing up all the layers together, check the mask against light to see whether it is actually working for darkening or not. Don't lose to get wholesale prices, you'll get membership!