Grosgrain Ribbon Polka Dot

Our grosgrain ribbon options come in a variety of colors and widths, including polka dot patterns. Nothing says festivity and fun like polka dots! This cute pattern makes an excellent choice for whimsical craft projects, cheerful gift wrapping and gift accessories, and fun activities for children.

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Please note: 3/8 Inch Polka Dots only have 1 Row of Bigger Dots because if it's size. 7/8 has 2 rows of bigger dots.

Product InformationLengthRetail Price
3/8 inch 50 Yards $2.25
7/8 inch 50 Yards $4.05
1-1/2 inch 50 Yards $6.55

Whether or not you know ribbon fabric, you must have noticed manifold increase in its use. In particular, polka dot grosgrain ribbon seems to have caught the imagination of the people. Dot ribbon is heavily used in laces of dresses of small girls.

If you thought that gift-wrapping industry was a small one, you better check on with facts. Gone are the days when packaging did not play a big role in attracting customers. Today, packaging plays a very important role with expensive items being made available in gift-wrappings that require ribbon fabric in large quantities. If it was plain ribbon fabric in bright colors that was in great demand earlier, it is the turn of polka dot grosgrain ribbon to be the preferred design for decoration and gift-wrapping purposes these days. Wholesale polka dot ribbon is required by garment companies, as well as those making accessories like ladies belts and handbags, as majority of ladies’ products today appear to be designed using grosgrain ribbon polka dot. One look at the dresses and accessories of small girls and ladies would tell you that polka dot is back with a bang. It is one design that suits girls of all ages and is one pattern that enhances the feminine nature of the product. If we go by colors, we would find that it is pink polka dot ribbon and red polka dot ribbon that seem to dominate other colors in products and accessories meant for use of ladies. BB Crafts is one company that has been making masterfully woven and crafted ribbon fabrics for the last several years. Our ribbons are certain to meet your needs. No matter what your requirement, we are always ready to cater to your taste and demand with high quality products.