Grosgrain Chevron Ribbon

Our Chevron Grosgrain Ribbon has a beautiful chevron print design that adds a creative and standout touch to bows, scrapbooks, clothing and endless craft projects.

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Product InformationLengthRetail Price
5/8 inch 10 Yards $2.79
7/8 inch 10 Yards $4.45
1-1/2 inch 10 Yards $5.59
2-1/4 inch 10 Yards $7.79

If you are truly passionate about creating new pieces of handicrafts every single day, then you will surely possess a huge collection of Grosgrain ribbon solid color. Storing the spools in different containers and digging through multiple boxes just to find one roll is definitely not a good idea. Let’s take a look at some better ways of storing reels of wholesale grosgrain ribbon.

Glass Jars- If you have small kids at home, then you would certainly be having hundreds of empty baby food jars. These see-through jars are perfect for storing ribbon spools. Furthermore, the jars are easy to clean and fully transportable. • Basket Storage- Another good way to store thousands of reels of printed Grosgrain ribbon. Cut pieces of cardboard that fit perfectly inside the basket. You can either use the cardboard pieces as such or decorate them with wrapping paper. Thereafter, warp the ribbons around the pieces of cardboard and secure the ends with pins. Depending upon the size, one cardboard piece can easily hold five to six spools of Grosgrain ribbon solid color. • Ribbon Ring- An idyllic way to store all the rolls of wholesale Grosgrain ribbon in an organized manner. Ribbon ring is a metallic ring with a number of plastic ribbon tags. If your ribbons are not too broad, then you can store more than one ribbon in a tag. You can hang the ribbon ring on the wall or door of your craft area and see your entire collection at one glance. • Ribbon Organizer- It is an ordinary box in which you can store approximately nine spools of Grosgrain ribbon solid color. Through the holes on one side of the organizer, you can take out the ribbon ends, and thereby, find reels as per your needs with ease. Although ribbon organizer is not at all expensive, but still if you wish, you can create it on your own with a shoebox. You can use different types of Grosgrain ribbons to decorate the box. These nifty storage will indubitably help you to keep your ribbon spools unwrinkled and untangled. An organized Grosgrain ribbon storage will also help you to save money; you will not waste a single penny in buying duplicate spools. Hence, get an appropriate storage and store your ribbon reels properly.