Organza Ribbon Two Striped Satin Edge

We give you the soft and mild finish to your accessories decorations with our Organza Two striped ribbon. You can present your gifts in an interesting manner by using it as a wrapper. The specialty of this ribbon is its Satin smooth touch with two striped edge look that gives you all you want for your special occasions.

Prices Shown are Per Spool Price, Not per Yard.

Product InformationLengthRetail Price
3/8 inch 25 Yards $1.35
5/8 inch 25 Yards $1.90
7/8 inch 25 Yards $2.29
1-1/2 inch 25 Yards $3.20
1-1/2 inch 100 Yards $11.90

Adding satin edges to organza ribbons is a great idea and this addition can make any ordinary ribbon look extremely beautiful. Thus, the effect that you can get by using an organza ribbon two striped satin edge would be so different and unique that it would make you forget everything else. It is just the perfect decoration idea for all formal occasions. It has a feel to it which can add formality to any casual thing as well and can make it look out of the blue. Organza ribbon two striped satin edge adds a creative and artistic dimension to any gift wrapping or decor material.

Besides, two stripes of satin as the two borders of the organza ribbon look very cute and can often be used in the various accessories for kids. Organza ribbon two striped satin edge serves other diverse functions as well and would seem just as appropriate if you use it for a gift for your loved one. Thus, serving many functions, this ribbon and its uses have increased manifold in the recent times. It is gaining a lot of popularity in a number of fields as it has the capacity, which no other decorative item has, of enhancing the overall looks of things. Without doubt, flowers are the most beautiful things on earth. To add further to their beauty, special ribbons are often used to make flower bunches. The organza ribbon two striped satin edge helps to make the flower bunch look so graceful that your loved one would not be able to set his/her eyes off it. These ornate ribbons come in various colors like white, old willow, smoke blue, purple haze, mauve, emerald, silver and gold. Using four to five colors of these ribbons together in a flower bunch give a very rich and majestic look. Artistic and Classy: Organza Ribbon Two Striped Satin Edge