Organza Ribbon Thin Wire Edge 25 Yards

Organza thin wire edge ribbon are very useful in making stylish and formal bows, flares, loops and arches kind of decoration works. The thin wire edge gives you cute and pretty accessories that you can do for your special occasions.

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Product InformationLengthRetail Price
5/8 inch 25 Yards $2.89
1-1/2 inch 25 Yards $3.75
2-1/2 inch 25 Yards $6.05

Organza ribbon thin wired edge is especially very good when you want to make ribbon flowers. Due to the wired edges, it is easy to make the formation of a rose or other flower and the edges help to keep the formation firm so that the flower doesn’t easily open up again. Further, if you want to make bows or other decorations and embellishments to wrap gifts for your loved ones, then using organza ribbon thin wired edge is the best idea. Due to the flexibility that these ribbons offer, it is easy and comfortable to craft out shapes from the same.

The wire that is there at the edges makes it possible to give intricate detailing and other specific shapes and turns to make beautiful objects of art. Organza ribbon thin wired edge is designed in a way that when you make a shape out of it, the wire automatically hides itself beneath the many layers. This helps to keep the beauty of the craft object intact and gives it a very subtle and impressive look. Also, in order to meet all your needs, there are various sizes and styles in which these ribbons are manufactured. Besides, there are many colors as well and you can select the color which would be most appropriate for the person or occasion you are using it for. Organza ribbon thin wired edge is a very useful decorative idea and this concept is often used to create the decor on special occasions like weddings. You can also use these ribbons if you want to make different flower arrangements. Since it is so popular and much in demand, organza ribbon thin wired edge is easily available with online retailers as well for purchase in the markets. Therefore, you don’t have to go looking far for this beautiful and useful ribbon variety. Organza Ribbon Thin Wired Edge and Its Innumerable Uses