Floral Mesh

Extensive range of Floral meshes available in variety of designs, patterns, color and sizes at cheap factory prices. Tulles offers a wide assortment of international standard floral meshes, developed from pure raw material.

Complete solution under one roof

We are the one-stop destination to cater your floral decoration, wrapping and crafting solution, providing unique and all-types of floral meshes at unmatched lower prices. Our repository includes stylish and practical items, designed to create a long-lasting impression with vibrant decorative and crafting finish. Our selection has something for everyone, whether you are a home-based crafter or a florist looking to add exceptional and energetic items to your storehouse.


Versatile Floral Arrangement & Decoration

Floral meshes make for amazing and creative items, suitable for crafting a wide assortment of decoration and visual amusements:

  1.     1.     Flower mesh can be used for stunning and attractive wedding decoration, Christmas decoration, and flower packaging
  2.     2.   Amass, embroider and wrap beautiful flower arrangements – giving a gorgeous touch to flower arrangements
  3.     3.   Floral mesh can be used to give vibrant look and feel to bouquets and potted.
  4.     4.   Lively and shining finish to garments, wrapping floral mesh around dresses, shoes, and accessories.
  5.     5.  Create striking garlands for parties and functions, as well as for home interior.
  6.     6.   Fashion ornament creation with flowers
  7.     7.    Extensive range of floral wrapping options, from dry waxed tissue paper, cellophane wrap, to floral foils.

The creativity with floral meshes has no limits – You can stylize and embellish multiple objects and places with your imaginative thinking.

Order with confidence and at extremely low prices!